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Welcome to the Business Software and Solutions website. We have been helping small and medium sized businesses to employ business technology for some time. We have been committed to helping local businesses to understand the opportunities offered by customer service and IT services, the various software solutions available and how to get the best of them.

To keep ahead of competition, companies must be able to implement changes swiftly. Yet few companies have the breadth and depth of in-house expertise to implement new technology, often finding that they do not have enough time or resource to fulfil their existing workloads, let alone take on additional tasks. There is not enough time to re-train existing staff in new disciplines or to recruit new employees. Companies need to put more faith in software solutions, which help to relieve pressure situations and which come up with ways to ensure that goals are achieved on time and on budget.

We are here to provide assistance to companies and individuals in order to successfully exploit ideas. The idea may be a new software product or an adaptation of an existing product. Also new systems and changes in existing ones create their own challenges.

Customer Service Software

Innovative solutions. Anytime, anyway, anywhere. The pursuit of profitability and efficiency is increasingly connected to the optimization of all business processes. This means that more information is needed, as well as elevated know-how and sophisticated techniques. The concept of information is also changing: from great quantities of data to its integration for more effective and easier management to the development of integrated decision systems and the re-engineering of all productive processes. This refinement of processes applies to all aspects of the business, and includes customer service. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of customer service software solutions for risk managing banks, financial institutions, insurance and telecommunications companies and general business industries.

Through in-depth knowledge and expertise acquired in highly competitive international markets, we bring together high quality information, integration systems and advanced technology to support all customer service decision-making processes with solutions that anticipate rather than react to need.
Thinking ahead, competing against time, confidence with innovation and people empowerment are our central values. We can help you find new and interesting business and communication possibilities, that put user and customer needs first and aim to surpass their expectations.


If you are looking for reliable and advanced solutions, let us be your partner. By exploiting our exclusive knowledge of the customer service software market and our wealth of IT solutions experience on an international level, we can help you make use of the analytical tools, operating techniques and software applications which have become standard development, evaluation and management tools for the most successful companies worldwide. To discuss your business needs, free of charge, please contact us by phone, email or letter.

We give a highly personal approach to solving your problems. The work is all personally undertaken by the proprietor Joe Willow, who, while technical director of NGJ and then IT Solutions, was mainly responsible for the design and development of (what is now) accounts system for contractors.

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